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Aaron Fisher
Sep 29, 2018
In Windmills
First real post here and I need some help, I live in an area of pretty high wind, actually, averaging 14mph so you know daytime is pretty breezy. An old timer told me years ago when replacing a Pipe Raymond with an Aermotor to just go 2 foot smaller. I reverse that when replacing an Aermotor with a wood mill and all has been well but most Aermotors have been 6-10 foot dia and 10ft and 12ft wood mills have worked out great. My question is, will that formula stay correct with the larger sizes? I can pump 275ft with a 16ft Aermotor on a 3 1/2 cylinder with ease so will a 18ft dia Railraod Eclipse pump that, or even a 3 inch cylinder? I have yet to find a chart on the big Eclipse mills, can anyone help? I am probably go to put a 3 inch cylinder down hole but even with it I wonder if the wood mill will start? Thank You in Advance.