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Flint & Walling 8' Model 37 Windmill at Sunset.

This is a picture I snapped of my restored Flint & Walling 8' wheel Model 37 windmill at sunset. These windmills were manufactured from 1937 through 1954. One interesting story about the history of these windmills is that a large distributor of Flint & Walling windmills ordered a large enough quantity of Model 37 windmills sometime in the 1960's that Flint & Walling re-tooled and manufactured an unknown number of these windmills. To date only 8' wheel sizes have been found. They are identified by the gearbox being painted silver, and there was a 3" tall block letter " R" painted in black on the rear of the gearbox to the left of the vane tailbone pivot. One example I found had an extra piece of sheet steel riveted to the main brake band in what appears to be a factory modification, although it very well could have been added by the distributor or jobber. 

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