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7' Star 37 Mainshaft

This listing is for (1) New Mainshaft to fit the Flint & Walling 7' Model 37 using the Timken Roller Bearings. This new mainshaft is made from high quality, high carbon shaft material that is precision ground to the special size to fit the Timken Bearings used in this size of the Model 37 Windmill.


If part is not shown in stock, contact me for details on machining one to order.


NOTE: This mainshaft is machined to exacting tolerances using original factory prints where available or reverse engineered dimensions from an existing shaft from a 7' Model 37. Due to inaccuracies in the original machining tolerances from Flint & Walling, this shaft may not fit perfectly in your existing gearbox without slight modifications to setscrew pockets or other features. Please contact me before purchasing to verify exactly what you need and I will make sure to provide exactly what you need to fit your existing gearbox.

7' Star 37 Mainshaft

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